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Product Name: Reality Designers – Redesign your mind; Redesign your world.

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Redesign your mind; redesign your reality.

Created by Adam James author of Mastering Manifestation

• What if you could manifest all of your desires with extreme accuracy, synchronicity, speed and ease, without having to do affirmations, without having to visualize, without having to dig up and remove countless beliefs? (This is all important for most normal manifestation systems, but completely unnecessary for the one you’re about to learn about)

• What if you could unlock the other 90% of your mind, allowing you to attain your highest potential in all areas of your existence – finances, health, friendships/relationships, spirituality, self-knowledge – and achieve total enlightenment and complete fulfillment?

• What if you had a direct route to enlightenment and self-mastery, and you could burn away all of your fears, doubts, limiting beliefs, subconscious blockages and all other unknown limitations, as well as have all of your desires manifest one by one, without having to do any of the work yourself? (Allow the two most powerful energies known to man – your source, and your kundalini – to do all the work for you by setting a few special intentions)

• And what if all of this was actually much easier than you might be thinking? If you’ve read my book Mastering Manifestation, or you’re just starting to dabble in the field of manifestation and want the “best of the best” system, or you’ve already mastered the law of attraction and want something even more powerful – this course will enhance the way you view reality forever, and take your reality creation abilities and self-mastery to levels you never thought possible.

“The holy grail of manifestation systems.”

“A very clear and direct “fast track” to spiritual enlightenment and manifestation mastery”

“I have been on a spiritual journey for the last three years seeking enlightenment and I have read hundreds of books. Your book is by far, the best I have read and the one that actually inspired to take action.”

– T. Elliot, Maryland US


• Clear all of your limiting beliefs, inner doubts, counter-intentions, and anything else blocking you from manifesting your desires – not in years, not in months, not in weeks, not even in days, but instantly and continuously – and without having to dig them up or even think of them

• Go beyond the subconscious mind, and manifest at the superconscious level, making things like hypnosis, affirmations, visualization, belief changing, EFT, hopopno, and so on, obsolete. (This is much faster and easier than manifesting at the subconscious level. Just do a few meditations, set a few intentions, and let this infinitely intelligent force clear you and manifest your highest good on autopilot)

• Raise your Kundalini safely in just 2 days through the assistance of source energy, and by executing a powerful technique called Kundalini Reiki – which speeds your self-healing and manifestation mastery up tremendously

• Learn how to end all effort, confusion and frustration surrounding manifestation/law of attraction once and for all – and discover how it’s possible to manifest desires automatically through a 1 second intention instead of spending days and weeks constantly visualizing and striving towards your goals

• Manifest desires without even visualizing, affirming or thinking about it! This is possible because your inner most self knows exactly what your dreams are and exactly what would make you the happiest, and once you clear all mental fogs that block you from connecting with this inner self, things better than you can even currentlyimagine will automatically manifest without you even thinking or planning it in anyway (Planning is actually quite limiting when it comes to reality creation, though if you want to do it go ahead)

• No more waiting for manifestations. Create lightning fast manifestation results, or gain immediate knowledge of why your manifestation is not immediately occurring (usually for your higher good) and learn what ismanifesting instead. (For example you may not be manifesting a certain relationship or sum of cash because you have a better relationship ahead or even more money coming your way. Knowing this kind of stuff saves you a lot of doubt and frustration, and makes you love the universe even more)

• Learn how to effortlessly enter into a deep meditative state of mind usually reserved for sleep, and remain aware in it like a yogic master – and attain direct access to infinite potential and knowledge.

• Create powerful inspiration on demand, causing an almost irresistible pull to take action – making procrastination/the need for willpower a thing of the past

• Allow your kundalini energy to shoot your energy levels, motivation, and focus through the roof

• Techniques for making it much easier to cultivate very high levels of sexual energy

• Unlock the other 90% of your mind by activating your pineal gland, which allows you to consciously release DMT and gain access to all of your hidden subconscious knowledge and even tap into universal mind knowledge – making it easy for you to tap into a flood of ideas and inspiration at will

• Open your third eye safely and easily.

• Activate the full magnetic force of unconditional love – allowing you to attain fearlessness, eliminate all lower forms of consciousness, and draw all of the highest good in the universe towards you

• Learn the secret yogic “samyama” meditation technique responsible for many documented miracles and super-human abilities throughout history – and just by following a simple daily practice you’ll be able to unlock supreme manifestation powers, lucid dreaming/astral projection abilities, remote viewing, and much, much more, until you eventually become enlightened.

• Be in a state of bliss and ecstasy 24/7, before you’ve even manifested your desires – through the ancient technique of ecstatic energy conductivity – making it easier for you to stay in the moment and enjoy the here and now, which allows for much faster manifestations (since you’re no longer needy towards your desires)

• Manifest your desires once and for all, by making the whole process extremely easy and straightforward (Complicated manifestation systems and teachings are the reason people feel so intimidated by law of attraction/manifestation and end up never manifesting their desires)

• And learn all of this easily through a simple, straight to the point guidebook so you can master all of the principles and easily put them into action in a matter of days, even hours.


Dramatically improve your manifestation results, and upgrade your abilities to new heights you never thought possible, while making the whole process much easier and faster! No more long visualizations needed, no more having to repeat boring and ineffective affirmations over and over, no more having to dig up and eliminate hundreds of limiting beliefs, no more self-analysis or therapy, no more boring EFT, no more having to reprogram your subconscious, no more having to use your will or think positively or work at it. Everything will be effortless now and you will manifest at a much higher level.

Activate your innate manifestation power! You are a powerful reality creator, whether you know it or not. Youalready have the power to change your reality instantly and create the life of your dreams. All you need is someone to show you how to tap into this innate ability so you can start having everything your heart desires, NOW.


What sets this system apart from every other law of attraction/manifestation/reality change system?

Most change methods use the conscious mind in order to change the subconscious mind. This is done through things like daily repeated affirmations, visualizations over and over, NLP, EFT, working through limiting belief after limiting belief after limiting belief trying to clear your subconscious mind, and constantly trying to convince the subconscious to manifest your desires. (And many times failing no matter how much you try)

This is a very slow and arduous process for creating change. The conscious mind has very little power in the grand scheme of things. Not to say that it has no power, it does. You can still create your reality through most normal manifestation methods.

Yet the ultra-powerful method I’ll be sharing with you, will make all of the above completely unnecessary, and make your manifestations exponentially easier, faster and more effective.

We do this by bypassing the subconscious mind, and sending our desires directly to source/the universe, which then manifests your desires on a level infinitely greater than what your subconscious could have accomplished. You do this through special chi/energy cultivation methods and simple meditations (that have been practiced for thousands of years with great success)

You see, when you try to manifest through the subconscious, you have to deal with old memories, doubts, insecurities, fears, emotional traumas, and a bunch of junk before you can manifest your desires. You can do all of this work, but I prefer not to bother with it. Life is short; I prefer spending most of my time doing things I love, rather than having to deal with taking care of my subconscious like I’m a full time parent taking care of a little child.

The system I’ll be sharing on the other hand has you rising above your subconscious, transcending all of its judgments, limiting beliefs, fears, doubts and negative emotions, and working on a much, much higher level, the level of direct contact with source (the universe/the one/god/all that is/the divine)

This is done by entering the state of pure awareness called “samadhi” (by Buddhist monks) which then allows you to create a flood of raw theta brainwaves, and manifest directly from source. This creates extremely powerful, well-timed, effortless, and almost miraculous manifestation results.

This is not difficult to do. If you’ve never meditated or done hypnosis or anything before, it might take some time to learn, but if you can quiet your mind and focus fairly easily, you can enter this state of Samadhi/deep meditation in less than 10 minutes, on demand.

This is where the fun begins.

Once we’ve entered this state, we execute an ultra-powerful ancient meditation technique called “samyama” aka the yoga sutras of patanjali.

This simple technique takes only a few minutes to execute, yet it’s responsible for real life super-human abilities and many miraculous manifestations throughout history.

You might have heard of “the ice man” Wim Hof.

He is well known for his ability to stay in below freezing temperatures for extended periods without getting cold at all (whereas others would have died)

According to modern science and conventional wisdom, this is impossible. Yet, how has Wim Hof accomplished this?

In his book, Wim Hof reveals that he gained his limit shattering superhuman powers through the ancient practice of Samyama. This is not something he discovered himself, but something that has been known by mystics and monks for thousands of years.

In the past, this knowledge was kept very secret and well-guarded, given to only a few very special disciples.

Fortunately, thanks to the creation of libraries and now the World Wide Web, everyone now has access to this once secret knowledge.

Soon, you will too, and incredible things beyond your wildest imagination will start to happen in your life.

The only reason most people never come across or are able to successfully apply such powerful knowledge is because most people are too close minded to open to the idea of such possibilities. If you’ve read this far, I’m assuming you’re not one of these people. I’m assuming you believe almost anything is possible, and if not, you will very soon.

The system in Manifestation Supercourse is a combination of many extremely powerful and highly effective methods practiced by Buddhist masters and mystics/yogis for millennias, including Samyama (the one practiced by The Ice Man)

The main practice takes only 20-30 minutes a day and requires very little effort. The supporting practices take a little effort at first but the benefits are absolutely worth it

And once you get a taste of this system, your reality will transform in a way you can’t even imagine right now.

Again, all of this is very easy to do, and takes much less time than what most people have to do to manifest their desires (visualize, do affirmations, remove beliefs over and over for weeks and months until their desires manifest)

The manifestation method itself takes less than 5-10 minutes to apply. You don’t even have to do it daily. You just send your desire into the system once, and boom, instant manifestation.

Infact, at this point forget about it. Once you’ve done the manifestation method once – no more visualizations, no more affirmations. You’ll know 100% without a doubt, that your desire (or something much better) will manifest – and it does, almost miraculously and magically, almost every time.

You might even not want to do any affirmations, visualizations, or anything else other than maybe writing out a list of all your deepest desires and putting it away (even this is unnecessary because once you connect with source energy fully, your deepest unknown dreams that you were too afraid to dream before will manifest!)

Now here’s something scary to consider. These techniques were given to only a few special monks and masters in the past, and kept away from the general public and even novice monks in temples and private institutions. This is because the enlightened beings who knew these methods felt they were too powerful for untrained and immoral disciples.

This is because you can create absolutely anything with this technique. One may become power drunk with this much power. So naturally some may ask “wouldn’t this be dangerous in the wrong hands?”

No, because I’ve made sure that with this system it’s impossible to manifest anything harmful or detrimental to yourself or others. Only positive things can come from this technique, yet, there are no limits to what you can create on a positive side. No limit to the wealth, health, ecstasy, bliss and personal fulfillment you can create.

A pre-requisite for this system is to transcend your ego/subconscious, and in doing so, you’ll naturally want to manifest things that are for the highest good of all. When you’re in the light, the presence of source/the creator, you won’t even think about manifesting things that can stray you in the wrong direction.

You’ll only manifest things like financial abundance, material abundance, spiritual evolution, health, happiness, joy, upliftment, success, and good for all. (And whatever you want that isn’t harmful to others or yourself)

You’ll instantly manifest self-expansive qualities like creativity, ideas, purpose, confidence, spiritual expansion, knowledge, fearlessness, joy, ecstasy, and bliss which further allow good to come into your life.

But you will never manifest things that feed your greed, your negative ego, your insecurities, your jealousies, your revenge. You cannot hurt others, you cannot steal, you cannot manipulate people out of their own goods. You can do all of this, but I won’t show you how. This is what’s called Black Magick and if you’re interested in that, please leave this page now.

What I’ll be showing you is purely for the good of all life, and it requires morality and care for others. Heck, even if you don’t have morality at the moment, you need to develop it before using this system.

Actually the system will take care of any morality problems you may have, because it’ll clear you on all levels and lift you up to your highest vibration/level of consciousness. This will happen as you connect more and more fully with your source/inner most self through the simple techniques in this course.

And as this all happens, you will be experience a state of heavenly bliss and ecstasy 24/7, both inside and out.

Apart from becoming one with your true source and attaining deep inner clearing and transformation, your life will begin to take on a sublime, heavenly form.

I’m sure you’ve heard the quote

“As within, so without”

But what does this really mean? Simply put, whatever is inside you right now is what’s creating outer your reality. If your body is filled with toxins, pesticides, harmful chemicals, etc. then this will manifest externally through skin conditions, low energy levels, body pains, hair falling off, headaches, disease, illness, etc.

Your internal conditions create your external conditions. Same thing with your mind. When your mind is full of garbage, fears, toxic thoughts and emotions, limiting beliefs, painful memories, past hurts, etc. then your outside world will be as crappy as your inner world. There might be some goodness here and there, because there is some goodness in your mind here and there, but the full, perfect life out there will never manifest when your inner mind is not perfected.

Now what if your body was free of toxins and harmful chemicals? Wouldn’t your outer physical condition change as a result?

And what if your mind was illuminated, bright, dazzling, and full of light and life and color? What if it was free of all the limiting beliefs, painful emotions, stress, fears, and darkness that kept it as dirty and polluted as a waste land? What if when you looked inside your mind, instead of seeing garbage and waste (limiting beliefs, fears, anxieties, doubts) for miles and miles, you saw nothing but a bright white field of light and greatness and all that was incredible and wonderful to you – heaven?

What would happen if the ancient well known Buddhist quote “As within, so without” was true?

Wouldn’t the heaven that was in your mind, create heaven outside your mind? Wouldn’t your outer reality match the magnificent inner reality?

The answer is yes. When your mind, body and spirit have been illuminated and freed of all the garbage that has been dumped into it for decades, your entire outer reality reflects that, in whatever way is best for you.

If you love money, if you love sex, if you love travel, if you love adventure and friendship and partying and meeting people (or the idea of it) then your reality will instantly start to shift to reflect this – and money will fly at you, women (or men) will flock to you like bees to honey, you’ll have more time and money to travel and have fun and go wherever you want.

If what you love is following a certain talent, a certain sport, or creative project, then the universe will move mountains to make this come alive for you. You’ll be playing instruments and creating books or movies or tv shows or whatever it is you want to create, at genius levels. Your work will become world renowned. Opportunities will sprout everywhere. If you want to get good at a sport, you’ll become almost supernaturally good when you clear your inner mind of limits in fact all athletes know that inner game is #1.

If what you love is spirituality and metaphysics, then you’ll awaken hidden powers easily, astral project, open your third eye, go into the deepest states of meditation and access brainwaves most people can never attain. You’ll awaken your Kundalini, access psychic powers, remote view, and have unlimited spiritual power to do good for yourself and others.

If what you love is EVERYTHING life has to offer – money, health, vitality, wealth, fame, friendship, love, sex, attracting the opposite sex, creativity, vibrant energy and aliveness, spiritual enlightenment, wisdom, hidden knowledge of the universe, compassion, super-human abilities, deep meditation, bliss, joy, fearlessness, uncontrollable ecstasy, EVERYTHING will be yours. (This is my favorite one)

Whatever you consider heaven on earth, will automatically manifest at lightning speed, once your inner reality has been cleansed, uplifted and illuminated. As within, so without – there is no exception to this.

You don’t even have to put in any effort to manifest your outer reality, it’ll just manifest effortlessly, because your outer reality HAS to match the brightness of your inner reality.

That’s not to say you’ll just sit around doing nothing and manifest everything you want, but that the actions and circumstances that will lead to your manifestations will happen so automatically and “magically” that you won’t even know what happened, and your reality will change before you can even process what the heck just happened. This is what I mean by effortless.

There is no doubt about this. The only challenge here is, how do you create this total inner clearing and transformation so that your outer reality can start to change as a result of your new inner reality, and how do you do it easily?

That’s what this course will teach you, and you will learn it with ease.


“The advanced level of coaching and email support is worth ten times the price of the course!” – Martin. K

“It’s like having a direct hotline to the masters and monks. Don’t be shy to tap into the brilliant minds and wisdom of the coaching team for Manifestation Mastery. What I love most is how much they actually encourage you to email them, so you don’t feel like you’re intruding or annoying anyone like you do with most customer support.” – Alicia. P

With your purchase of the Manifestation Mastery Supercourse, you have access to an entire year of full coaching and support from our team of masters. This journey can be a bit intimidating and confusing at times. When you have guides and helpers standing by, waiting to help you through the rough patches, life becomes much easier and you feel much more confident on your road to mastery.


You can feel safe purchasing this course, because you’re backed by a full 60 day iron-glad money back guarantee.


I know the internet can be and is a pool of scams and less than moral marketers, so it’s natural to be a bit worried about buying things online. That’s why the course is being sold through paypal, the safest buying platform in the world. If any part of you is worried that this course might not be worth your money or that you might not be able to get your money back if you want, then you can rest assured, because with paypal, you can simply file a dispute, and they’ll return your money immediately. This is ofcourse if I haven’t returned your money myself after you’ve contacted me for a refund.

If you’re hesitant to purchase this course for any other reason, or if you need to know a little bit more about the course before jumping in, please contact me at This is my second most checked email account, so I’ll get back to you quickly.

Otherwise go ahead and get started on the course right away. You’re in for a treat.

Due to high demand, the course is now available via instant download. You will be able to access all the material immediately upon checkout.

Q: I just finished reading Mastering Manifestation. Should I master the principles and techniques in it before starting this course?

A: This is not necessary. As long as you’ve read the book and understand the importance of removing subconscious blockages and beliefs, as long as you understand how your subconscious works and as long as you understand how manifestation works, you’re good. These are core teachings everyone needs to know so it’s important you read it before starting this supercourse; but once you’ve read it you can skip all the visualizations, affirmations, and limiting beliefs stuff because the system in this course will take care of all that automatically without you having to keep doing it yourself.

Q: I’m a bit intimidated by this course. It seems way too “out there” and difficult.

A: There’s no need to be intimidated. The system in this course is actually easier, faster and more enjoyable than the system in Mastering Manifestation, and if you understood the kindle book you’ll understand this course just as easily. The practice itself takes only 20-30 minutes twice a day and anyone can do it. The manifestation process takes 5 minutes, though even this is optional.

Q: Is raising your Kundalini, opening your third eye, etc. dangerous?

A: Not if you follow the safety preperations I lay out in this course. The preparations not only make it all safe, but they increase the positive effects while minimizing or completely eliminating the negative side effects. In fact you can quickly expect health benefits, skin improvements, energy levels going up, and more.

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Reality Designers – Redesign your mind; Redesign your world. is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.